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Smithfield Packing supporters march from First Baptist church to the site where the new MLK statue was unveiled Monday. After an MLK celebration at the church, church goers marched to the MLK statue site.

“Remember cheap meat is costly for us all”

The Houston Chronicle | May 28, 2018

As you grill out this holiday, you may want to consider the high cost of your steaks, hamburgers and sausages.

On April 5, at a beef slaughterhouse in Bean Station, Tenn., U.S. Customs and Immigration Enforcement used helicopters, armed federal agents and road blocks to round up nearly 100 workers. It was the largest immigration raid in more than a decade.


“When meat is cheap, someone else is paying the real price”

Treehugger | April 2018

Americans love their meat, and they love it cheap. But this means that someone else is paying the true cost, and it’s usually the most vulnerable, impoverished individuals in the country. In a fascinating article for the Washington Post, titled “The Price of Cheap Meat? Raided slaughterhouses and upended communities,” writer Lynn Waltz examines what actually happens when the federal government cracks down on illegal immigration.

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A demonstration at the Smithfield Tar Heel plant was in support of hispanic workers that were fired and black workers that wanted to take Martin Luther King day off but the plant say no. Staff photo by Raul R. Rubiera

“The price of cheap meat? Raided slaughterhouses and upended communities”

 The Washington Post | April 2018

At the Southern Provision slaughterhouse in Bean Station, Tenn., in a recent early-morning U.S. Customs and Immigration Enforcement raid with helicopters, armed federal agents and road blocks, nearly 100 workers were rounded up, loaded into vans and taken to the National Guard Armory in nearby Morristown. Terrified families tried to find out whether their loved ones had been arrested. Civil rights advocates and religious groups moved in to help, then turned out to protest the forcible separation of mothers, fathers and children.

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“Scripps Howard Professor Publishes Expose’ on Meat Packing Industry”

 Hampton University | November 2017

“The work began in 2005. Waltz was gathering information for a freelance article profiling Smithfield Foods for Virginia Business magazine. While reporting, she began discovering dark anecdotes about how the company was breaking national labor laws and was in the throes of investigations and legal battles with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), specifically over labor disputes at Smithfield’s Tar Heel, N.C., processing plant — the subject of the book.”

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